Here at Kőrfez Houses, we believe that customer satisfaction extends well beyond the initial purchasing procedure. As such we set up this department in order to ensure that clients receive advice and assistance on matters such as the payment of bills, purchasing furniture, opening bank accounts and accessing resources within the area). Our after sales department has grown from strength to strength with a 100% customer satisfaction and we are proud of your success. Our door is always open and where possible we will assist you or refer you to qualified professionals if this is not within our knowledge or expertise.

Rental and Maintenance Department


All of Korfez Houses properties are located close to local amenities and tourist attractions. Private rentals are in high demand in this region and you can expect to get a good return on your investment if this how you propose to finance your investment.. Further advice on taxation of rental income and the tariffs for peak and off peak season are available upon request.


If you so wish, Korfez Houses will maintain your property. If you choose to opt into this scheme, as this is entirely voluntary, for a monthly fee of between £25-50 depending upon the size of your property, we will set up, organise and monitor a maintenance contract for you. This way you can be assured that your property is well looked after.
The maintenance fee will cover the following items;

Garden Maintenance
Maintain and Clean Communal Areas
Swimming Pool inclusive of Pool Chemicals

In 2007, Turkey now offer mortgages to foreign investors for both completed and off plan projects. There are various banks offering this service and the process is fairly straightforward. For further details on the process and what documents are required please contact <a href=””></a> for further advice.


Some of our Properties include white goods and mostly all have air conditioning units, however, there willinevitably be items of furniture that you wish to purchase locally or import and there will be an extra charge for this. We can assist you with this process and advice you on where to locate such items and help you in ordering and preparing your home. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for one of our furniture packages having viewed our show homes to make life that little bit easier. Prices vary depending upon the style of furniture and size of the property. Of course, if you are purchasing an off plan property then you can choose everything from your kitchen work surfaces to the bathroom tiling.
Nothing is too much trouble and we are here to help make your new home as comfortable as possible.