KORFEZ LIMITED was established in 1982 as a design and construction and tomography services company in Fethiye, on the South West coast of Turkey. As the business developed a second branch office was set up in Ankara the Capital of Turkey.

Our Head Office is based in Fethiye which deals mainly with the design and construction side of the business. As such you are dealing wıth the developer dırect. Most of our developments are in the Fethiye location and they range from commercial premises to residential homes and we offer both land and build schemes, off plan and completed projects.



NO :153

48300 Fethiye – Mugla – TURKIYE

Tel : +90-252-613 45 55 Fax : +90-252-613 66 06

The Ankara branch office undertakes the technical geodesy and photogrammetry applications, such as digital photogrammetric map production, DTM and orthophoto production, remote sensing applications, and all types of surveying applications. We remain a leader in this field with high tech modern practices. Please refer to www.korfezharita.com for more information for such services and a history of our projects.

Çetin Emeç Bulvarı 8.cadde No:34/4 06460

Tel : +90 312 472 88 64 Fax : +90 312 472 88 63

Korfez Limited mission is the same as it was from the day the company was formed 26 years ago; one of professionalism, quality and experience.

Korfez Houses, Design and Construction experience ranges in all types of construction work, from commercial premises such as shopping centers, government offices and hotels to residential real estate. With experienced construction engineers, qualified architects and attention to detail it is evident that our company offer exceptional quality to clients. This company’s difference is quality and service.

Korfez Limited employs over 50 staff 42 of which are solely dedicated to technical services. The majority of our employees have been with our company for over 10 years and their commitment to us is reflective of our working practices. Working in partnership with Korfez Limited is an exciting opportunity, whether you are a first time investor overseas, looking to relocate offices or lifestyle or a pure magnet to investment opportunities in what is the most emerging property market worldwide.

Make the right choice and let KORFEZ HOUSES make your dream a reality.
We look forward to welcoming you to Turkey and to our company.

Yours faithfully

Ayhan and Ramazan
The Managing Directors